We Get People

What’s to get, you say?      People are very complex.

Companies spend billions of dollars every year to get people.  (That’s billions with a “B”.)

It’s money spent to find them.  It’s money to interview them. It’s money to select them. It’s money to on-board them. It’s money to train them when they didn’t have everything the company thought they knew before the company hired them. It’s money to motivate them.

It’s even money to let them go, (when they don’t want to be motivated).

And on and on…pretty soon you’re talking about a lot of money. That’s where the “B” comes in.

We’ve built rigorous, comprehensive and predictive processes that allow our clients to make the right decisions about the right people.  Whether it’s finding and selecting the right executive or assessing who the client already has to identify their optimum assignments. We find that “Superior Performers”, as defined by the client with our help, can find their way out if dropped into the middle of a jungle that may be the business. (Remember, A Message to Garcia)

Like the principles of Quality Management, of Statistical Process Control, of Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma and other attempts to drive out unnecessary costs from product design, development, manufacturing and distribution, Smart Work | Network has developed tools and processes to eliminate waste and inferior people performance in all of a company’s people processes.

By creating your account in our database you are joining a premier network of talented individuals who get “first dibs” on career opportunities as we learn about them. But like being a bone marrow donor, you will not be called upon until we have a patient who would be a good match for you. So be sure to keep your contact information updated by revisiting our site occasionally to check in.

Current open positions are listed below. Click on the link that interests you most to learn more.  If there is not one for you, please click on “My Account” above and submit your contact information and upload your resume.

When we get an assignment, we look here first. Remember, we will not divulge your information to anyone without your prior approval. Successful careers are viewed as such by both the employee and the employer. Both need to be pleased with the relationship. Our business depends on it.

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